Sunday, April 5, 2009


(Caturday post one back.)

First, I'm sad to report that one of the Chicken Dishes bit the dust.

Good thing I've still got eleventy-billion saucers left!

Next, I've been having motivation issues lately. I just haven't wanted to knit. This situation was not helped when I finally held up my second Sock Roulette sock next to the first one, and finally admitted that the gauge issues weren't going to block out. In the picture below, I am four rounds from starting the heel flap. Ha!

Frogged. I'm constantly amazed by the difference in products from two knitters when they're using the same needles, the same yarn, and the same pattern. That doesn't mean I'm any happier about reknitting half of a sock, but it is pretty interesting.

So, faced with the fact that I currently find knitting slow and frustrating, I turned my attentions over to my neglected Hexaghan. Crochet is nice and fast, and I like being able to finish several motifs in a short period of time. It makes me feel accomplished.

Here are 7 more hexagons, all crocheted and edged, with their ends woven in. This puts me at about the halfway point. Hooray!

While I was sitting and crocheting on these, I started thinking about the masses of yarn in my stash. And after I laid out my hexagons on the floor, I got an idea--a person could make a shawl out of these. And I just happen to have a full bag of DK wool/silk blend yarn that isn't enough for a sweater for me, but that would make a lovely shawl.

Ta-da! 9 hexagons, crocheted at a looser gauge, eager to become a warm, pretty shawl. (Sorry, I got all artsy when arranging the picture, so it's hard to make out individual hexagons. They're there, trust me.)

And then today, I got to thinking about my sock yarn stash. There's quite a bit in there that I don't imagine I'll ever make socks out of, and quite a few partial balls, too. (In my defense, I planned to make it into socks when I bought it, but it has since been eclipsed by other yarn.) So what's an avid crocheter with a shiny new hexagon obsession to do?

Start a sock yarn hexagon afghan, of course! I'm looking forward to having a light weight afghan with wild and crazy colors. I think I'll even use the leftover little bits that aren't enough to make hexagons to sew it together.

Ah. I feel better already!


Barbara said...

Well, that's just excellent. Too bad about the sock. All of your hexagons are beautiful. Amazing what a bit of hooking will do for your mood, isn't it?

See you in 2 weeks. Yippee!

Love, Mom

gemma said...

Hi Ann,
The sock you sent me is just slightly bigger than its pair I knit, but when worn they are a great match. Thank you for the "challenge" of a different technique for my sock. Pics on my blog,

I say bring on round two too!