Monday, December 22, 2008


I have lost all ability to be creative with entry titles. Sorry about that.

But look! Knitting!

Because I am home with the folks and far from responsibilities, I have been knitting up a storm. Last night I finished the last piece of the sweater I cast on in February!

Check it out--two sleeves! They're even the same size! I would love to say that I would be spending today blocking the pieces and assembling the sweater, but as it happens, I left the front and the back in Lexington. Not a lot of foresight, here.

I also made a hat the other day.

It's all nice and warm. Which is good, because it is freaking cold here. When I got up this morning, the actual temperature was -3, with a wind chill of something ridiculous like -22. Gah! Good thing I packed every pair of wool socks I own!

I've also been working on my silk scarf.

Mmm, shiny and soft. I'm nearing the end of the first skein. Where is the second skein? Why, it's in Lexington!

I've also worked a bit on a sock that's been riding around in my purse for a while. I haven't worked a ton on it, because it's a second sock, and there's not enough yarn left from the first skein to finish it. Where's that second skein? Lexington! Are you seeing a pattern here?

Luckily, I have the second half of one of Anne's presents here as well. I plan to work my little keister off on that and finish it by January 5, when I go back to work. Of course, I might run out of the main color before I leave Green Bay, because I left Skein Two... all together now!... in Lexington! I'm so freaking smart. Actually, I choose to believe that I didn't pack any more sweater pieces or second skeins because I truly didn't believe I would need them. It looks like, for once, I may have actually underestimated the amount of knitting I would be doing! Crazy.

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Barbara said...

Oh well, there's always my stash.

Love, Mom