Friday, December 26, 2008

Vacation Knitting Roundup: Day 10

First, I have to show you how tough Wisconsin sparrows are. It's very, very cold in the picture below, and you'll notice that the sparrows are nonetheless eagerly bathing in the only-thawed-because-it's-slightly-heated birdbath. Also, I understand that I have witnessed history in the making. With the snow we got last night, Green Bay has broken its all-time December snow record--our 39.7 inches beat 1887's 36.4 inches. And there are still 5 days of December left! Whee!

Now, the knitting. On the first day of my vacation, last Wednesday, I didn't knit; I drove, and drove, and drove. Since then, here's what I have accomplished.

I knit a hat. (See previous entry.)

I finished my last sweater piece. (Ditto.)

I finished the first half of my lilac silk scarf
If this looks way off, color-wise, I apologize--my parents' monitor is darker than I'm used to, so it looks funny to me, too, but I didn't want to mess with it too much.

I finished the first skein of the yarn I'm using to knit my latest pair of socks. One and a half socks from one skein!

I knit as far as I could on the second half of Anne's Christmas present.

Notice the trailing yarn on the last three photos. I have more to do on each of these, but no yarn handy to do it. What's a girl to do?

Start a new sock!

And maybe two more, for good measure.

I had no idea I could knit this much this quickly. I haven't even spent all my time knitting--I've managed to be sociable, bake, have family dinners, make 5 billion tiny meatballs for the Italian wedding soup, visit with friends, have family Christmas, read, sleep, and bathe, too!

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Aaron said...

I'm glad you remembered the bathing. That's important.

Your Christmas present is nearly finished.