Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update: Artist's Rendering


Aaron said...

Oh, is this to make up for lost Caturdays? Is your camera broken?

Ann said...

My camera's not broken, Aaron, my brain is. I'm having trouble remembering to take pictures of things, and I seem to only think about posting when I'm at work and can't take pictures. So today I drew some. (Also, it tickled me.) I'm hoping that once Pride is over I'll be back to normal. Especially since I am NOT ALLOWED to be in charge of anything for 2010. See that? I stated it publicly, so if I go crazy in the festival afterglow and am tempted to volunteer to be in charge of something for next year, I will remember that doing so would lead me to face public ridicule and embarrassment.

I wish you guys could come this year!

Samara said...

I thought you might have had some free time at work. I wish I did.

And we would love to come to pride. Know anyone that would donate 4k so we can by tickets? Maybe take up a collection. :)