Monday, June 29, 2009


This is just a quick update to tell everyone that I survived the Pride Festival!

It went so well--I'm ridiculously proud of everyone who was involved with putting it on. Committee members and volunteers were already at the venue getting things ready when I arrived at 7 am; the vendors and exhibitors all got set up with no problems; the entertainment was well-received; the crowd was high-energy but not rowdy; the weather was gorgeous. It was an all-around wonderful day.

I only got sunburned on my upper arms, and I made it to bed around 11 pm. I slept until noon. I don't think I moved at all during the night. The reckoning with the alcohol vendors went smoothly. I was in bed again by 10pm yesterday, and I could probably have slept until noon again today!

I am extremely tired and extremely happy.


Barbara said...


David said...

Congratulations, Ann! I didn't have any doubts that you could pull it off.

Samara said...

Congrats on doing another Pride...Now, take a backseat and just join a subcommittee. Less stress.