Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I just dropped Pippin off to get a physical, a rabies shot, a bath, and a shave, and holy crap--all that stuff is expensive! It will cost me between $200 and $250 to ransom the cat. Aaron, Samara, how would you feel about me leaving him there to wash dishes until it's paid off?

The other surprise came when I took a look at my garden last night. I have some baby green beans! And one baby snow pea! It's very exciting.

In other news, last night I cast on a Baby Surprise Jacket for Kelly's forthcoming baby. I'd take a picture, but right now it's about 4 rows, which isn't very exciting.


Barbara said...

Do cats wash dishes? I thought they didn't like water. Oh well, shows how non-pet I am.

I cast on, knit on, and frogged booties over the last few days. I'm on to the hat, letting the booties sit in time out until they can behave.

Can't wait to see your BSJ and veggies. Baby beans! Squee!

Ann said...

Mom, Pippin does hate water. It would take a long, long time for him to wash enough dishes to be ransomed.

I know, I totally made beans out of dirt and little pebble-looking things! How awesome is that? I can't wait to eat them!

Samara said...

Dude. A physical? WTF? I only have him get the rabies so they will shave him. I think it cost about $110 for those. I mean geeze think about Eve and George that never go to the vet. They're fine. They don't need a physical. Stupid cat hospital. Sorry it's going to cost so much.

Aaron said...

Yeah, you gotta figure: physical, at least $100, shaving and washing, at least $100. Adds up quick.

But as Samara points out, Pippin is the only cat that needs that crazy shit. At least the other cats are content to just lay around and clean themselves, rather than make humans do it.

Congrats on Pride, by the way. Sorry we missed it. I was commercial fishing that weekend. :)