Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: Part Two

Anne made me a birthday cake! It was her first cake, and she made a layer cake. I think she did a fabulous job. Very festive, and extremely tasty. Thanks, Anne! (Also, that's a lot of candles. I'm old.)

Next up we have the Tiny Sweater of Enormous Cuteness, otherwise known as a Baby Surprise Jacket. Extremely interesting construction, and fairly cryptic instructions. I wrote the pattern out row by row, because I need to have things to cross out in order to really keep my place. (I don't trust row counters.) It needs to be washed and blocked, and then it can be sent off to its future wearer's soon-to-be mom. It's cotton, so it should be a good weight for a late-summer baby--not too sweltering. Anne guessed that it's probably about a two-month size.

Of course, you don't get a good idea of its real size in that picture. So what's a knitter to do, when she has neither a baby nor an appropriately sized stuffed animal to model the Tiny Sweater of Enormous Cuteness?

Torture a cat, of course! The sweater is officially Pippin-sized. It fit him very comfortably.

He didn't seem upset by the sweater, just a little perplexed--but I still didn't leave it on him for too long. (This is what comes of me being really tired when I finish a baby sweater and happening to have a shaved cat nearby. It was irresistible.) I can't stop laughing at these pictures, but Bakers, I promise not to start clothing your cat on a regular basis.

Only when I need a small model for knitwear.


Barbara said...

LMAO! Hilarious, Ann, I foresee a future for you in knitting sweaters for shaved and hairless cats. Teehee.

Very nice cake. That is a lot of candles but the sprinkles kind of detract. I don't put candles on my cakes so the ceiling isn't scorched.

Pretty red dress. I like it. So what if it's "just" a tube with sleeves, you made it, you should be proud.

Love, Mom

Raellyn said...

It's a very good color for Pippin, I think!