Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet

We're just going to ignore the fact that I haven't posted in 3 months, m'kay?

I have no pictures to share today, but here's an Ann Update.

  • I am working on getting over the swine flu. So far, I've gotten rid of the fever and the body aches, but the cough, sniffles, and fatigue are still hanging around. I'm taking this opportunity to eat ice cream with impunity--I'm sick! I need ice cream!
  • During my convalescence, I knit an entire skein of yarn into most of a scarf. Of course, the scarf didn't end up as long as wanted it to be, and I was knitting from stash. I had purchased that particular skein of Patons Classic Wool literally months before I started knitting, and I had only gotten one. I went to the Michael's where I had gotten the yarn, and of all the yarn bins in the store, only one was empty--obviously, it was where the yarn I needed should have been. So after work yesterday I puttered over to the other Michael's in town to look for my yarn, but I wasn't very hopeful. As luck would have it, they had exactly two skeins of my yarn! One had a ballband and the other didn't, so just for kicks, I checked the dyelot on the one with a band. It was the same as my months-old, other-store yarn. Score!
  • Quarantine is boring.
  • I had a plumbing emergency before I got sick that resulted in lots of Drano-infused water overflowing onto my kitchen floor. I currently have two rooms in my house blocked off so the cats don't get in there and get sick (which will end when I rent a carpet cleaner and get the nasty chemicals out of the carpet). The cats aren't thrilled to have their running-around space basically cut in half. Must rent a Rug Doctor.
  • I had something compelling to say when I started this entry, and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.


Barbara said...

YaY! Ann post!

I can't believe you found the same dye lot at another store, but then I got the same dye lot yarn from a store and online laste year. !!!

I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope you get the carpets cleaned soon. Draino is probably no good for carpets. Uck, plumbing.

Barbara said...

"last" year

What a doofus.