Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Rule at Groceries

This is not a knitting post, sorry to say.

I just have to crow a bit. The other day, Anne and I sat down and made dinner menus. We did two and a half weeks' worth of (reasonably) nutritious, interesting meal-planning. Then we made a shopping list. Last night we went on the Major Food-Buying Excursion, and even with a few impulse buys and a six-dollar drain snake, our total was under $100.00.

A hundred bucks for two and a half weeks of meals for two adults. To be fair, we had previously gotten quite a bit of meat at Aldi, so there wasn't much meat on our list last night--but still! I feel pretty awesome about our shopping trip, and I'm really excited not to have to think about what to cook for a while.

And Mom, thanks for the menu idea!


Barbara said...

You're welcome. Making menus saved us much heartache and starvation in those days of 'Mom has gone back to work.' Plus now you and your brother can feed yourselves. Yay me!

David said...

Nicely done Ann and Anne! Abby and I are always proud when we have some meat in the freezer and can feed ourselves with tiny grocery bills.