Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ann Blogs.

So, um, I'm just going to pretend I'm not the world's worst blogger, and jump right in!

I started a February Lady sweater a few weeks ago, and here's what I have so far.

I love the pretty cranberry color I'm using, and I'm looking forward to having a nice handknit cardigan. But the top-down thing is getting to me--the rows keep getting longer and longer! Plus, I need to work on David's kilt hose before I do much on a big project for myself.

I am working on David's kilt hose, but they really don't photograph well. Picture me halfway through a cuff in navy blue yarn.

And since my car... well, let's not speak of my car. Suffice to say I am riding the bus. Socks are excellent bus knitting.

Now I just need to find the second ball of this yarn...

Pippin wanted to help me show off my Swine Flu Scarf (so named because I knit it during my quarantine). I kind of love it.

Here's Eve, looking kind of stoned. Maybe she got into the catnip stash.

And here is George on my suitcase. She freaking loves that thing. It's her new favorite spot!


Samara said...

*sings* "where can you see cats, only on Ann's blog. Got Pippin and Eve only on Ann's blog"

Barbara said...

Yay! Knitting! I loves it.

Gorgeous sweater color and nice socks. I hope you find the rest of the yarn soon. Fingers crossed.