Monday, February 22, 2010


I don't know about everyone else, but I'm seriously fascinated by all of the recent mummy-related news. Most of what I know about Egyptology I learned from Elizabeth Peters's Amelia Peabody series, so don't expect anything profound from me! If you want to learn more, I suggest google. If you're lazy, try Shoveling Ferret, an actual archaeologist whose blog I got to from Samurai Knitter's.

So, no revelations here; I just felt moved to spend part of my lunch hour looking up (probably/definitely) historically-inaccurate Egypt/DNA-related patterns. Unfortunately, they're not all free, but they are all fun!

  • Egyptian Mummy (Ravelry link) toy. So cute! I have no idea why I like crafting impractical things so much.
  • Egyptian collar (Ravelry link). Again, ridiculously impractial (unless you're the type of person who goes around wearing big, archaic articles of clothing on a daily basis), but I love it.
  • Baby's First DNA Model. Aw, it's a toy double helix!
  • Chromosome Cap. Lets everyone know that you don't care if it's been more than 3000 years, you will find out who the babydaddy is. (Don't judge me. You like Maury, too.)
  • Wings of Horus shawl. Wow--seriously pretty. I especially like the pictures of the one that was blocked so the top edge is curved.
  • Cleopatra Socks. Nothing says "tribute to a powerful woman" like wrapping some snakes around your feet in applied i-cord!
  • Eye of Horus chart. If you pretend she didn't make the chart because of Stargate, you might feel slightly less geeky using it.
No knitting pictures (or cat pictures) today. I've done some work on David's kilt hose, and bus socks are proceeding nicely. Over the weekend I put a pretty sage green lace edging on a white handkerchief, and I've been working on finishing up my Hexaghan. I'm nearly done with color 4 (out of 5), so it looks like I might eventually actually finish it!


Barbara said...

Ha, I knew you'd like Shoveling Ferret! Makes me want to put on my pith helmet and clamber into a tomb. You?

David said...

Yay kilt hose! I went out to dinner with Abby and Holly last weekend and I was wearing my wedding hose and the sporran you made me. Thanks for supporting my kilt habit!