Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Craft Explosion

I think I was conditioned when I was young that rainy, dreary days equal Craft Time. Either that, or nasty weather just naturally awakens my urge to create. We've had some dreary days recently. Add to that the fact that I recently discovered the fun that is Craftzine, and you get a Craft Explosion!

For one thing, I've been obsessively crocheting these:

They are Tunisian Short Row Dishcloths. I've made at least 6, and I've got another one going--I can't stop!

Pippin disapproves of my dishcloth obsession.

I also made a tiny terrarium in a pint mason jar, using some pebbles, some dirt, some moss, two tiny plants, and a plastic dinosaur.
I couldn't get a good side-view without ridiculous glare, so you get a top-view.

Eve would dearly love to play with the dinosaur.

Just last night I finished a basket woven from strips of an old street map. I am not very good at this.

I blame Illinois, whose map I used.

George pretends not to notice the lopsided basket to save me embarrassment.

Finally, I learned how to recycle greeting cards into tiny gift baskets.

They're an excellent size for the stitch markers I can't stop making. (Not pictured.)

These two backyard-dwelling snakes wish I had pictures of stitch markers. Or of their 4 friends.

In other news, our garden is planted with carrots, onions, and 3 kinds of beans. The onions are sprouting beautifully (we planted sets), and the carrots are just poking their noses up. No bean action yet, but those just got planted on Saturday. Yay garden!


Kelly said...

This is so cool! I didn't know you blogged. I'm going to follow your crafting exploits and make a tiny terrarium when I get home. Whee!

Aaron said...

I hate the Chestnut St backyard snakes. They give me the willies. Every time I go hiking in the summer in Alaska, I am reminded of how nice it is not to worry about surprising a serpent. No snakes in Alaska.

Ann said...

Kelly, I'm glad you like! I had way too much fun making the terrarium considering how simple it is.
Aaron, I love snakes! And these were so well-behaved, just hanging out on the fence. Small and cute.

Barbara said...

We have last year's forgotten leeks sprouting merrily in the garden, and there are the teensiest of pink buds on my blueberry bushes.

I love all your crazy crafts! Sounds like too much fun.