Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long Overdue

Oh, my goodness, is Ann actually posting something? Shocking!

I have given in to peer pressure (read: Mom pressure) to post some pictures of my latest crafty venture: dressmaking.

Please ignore the poor quality of the pictures (and the fact that I'm hot and sweaty) and admire the pretty.This is the first dress I made. It's a slightly lighter grey than it appears here. It's also very lightweight, and it's incredibly comfortable. After I was finished, I went back and added pockets. Seam ripper to the rescue! Now it has everything I could want in a dress.

I'm pretty sure this one came next. Love love love this fabric! I also had to go back and add pockets to this one. Unfortunately I had used the leftover fabric from this dress to make a "knocking around the house" super basic skirt, so I had to use a different fabric for the pockets--but it's hardly noticeable.

Then I went to black and white paisley. (This is the fabric I used for the pockets on the red and black one.) This one and the next one have pockets that the pattern included, so I didn't have to go back later! I've learned my lesson, though. I have another mock-wrap top dress cut out, and I went ahead and cut out the pockets so I can just stick them in the first time! For those who read my Facebook posts, this is my "not a one-hour dress."

Most recently I made this light blue number. Same pattern as the last one. Also took more than an hour.

So there you have it! I also recently made some curtains for my living room out of an old bed sheet, and then used the rest of that fabric to make a "knocking around the house" skirt. I felt very thrifty.

I just took a trip to JoAnn to use the birthday gift my parents gave me. I bought a lovely pair of Gingher dressmaker shears, and a decent pair of pinking shears. I also picked up a yard of fabric. And thanks to the cashier's secret 50% off one item coupon, I only paid $8 for the whole shebang! Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Barbara said...

Yay! Hooray! Ann blogged!

Love your dresses. They look cool and comfy and just right for work. Sounds like you used your birthday gift card well. We love secret discount coupons.

You don't look hot and sweaty, you're glowing. Thanks for the fashion show.

Katie said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

Kelly said...

Yay! These are so fantastic and I stand in awe of your sewing prowess.

sukigirl said...

I'm very impressed!
I wish I could sew that well, I guess it would help if I actually got my machine out and practiced once in a while :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and solving the coaster "mystery".