Thursday, August 12, 2010


Anne and I have been busy the last few weeks, making and canning jams and salsa. We've got peach lime jam, Kentucky tri-berry jam, honey blueberry jam, ambrosia conserve, two kinds of salsa, and lemon marmalade.

YUM! I'm so excited about our jams and stuff. The lemon hasn't set up, though. On my mother's advice we're going to let it sit for a while longer and see if it sets up on its own. If not, I'll probably reprocess it.

I also went out and harvested some carrots from the garden tonight.

Look! I created food from tiny pebbly things! You can also see that the carrots were not strong enough to grow straight down. But I kind of love how twisty and stubby they are. There'll be some carrots with dinner tomorrow.


Barbara said...

Very awesome looking jams, etc. And I totally cracked up at your carrots. Ours used to look like that when we tried to grow them on Liberty St. in the clay soil over there. Bet they were yummy tho. Excellent canning!

Kelly said...

I am very jealous. I keep wanting to garden and put up food. It's very responsible, and yet also hip? But sadly, that's a BIG project, and I know better than to get started on something else huge. Still, I watch with wonder from afar.


robiewankenobie said...

so cute!