Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caturday and Continents

Here's Eve, rocking a faux-hawk. She's hardcore.

I think Pippin has a crush on one of the neighborhood strays. He spends a lot of time looking out the window and meowing. The other day he carried one of his toys over to the front door, dropped it, and looked out and meowed for a while--I think he was giving the outside kitty a present! Or trying to, anyway.

George still likes to be up high, and she's discovered that the top of my wardrobe makes an excellent perch.

In other news, I got the name and address of my Sock Roulette victim! It's very exciting. My sock is going to a whole different continent. At first, I thought I hadn't been to that continent, but then I had a thought, worked a little Google-Fu, and discovered that I have! That brings my list of visited continents up to 4, counting North America. (Hint: Mom and David, you probably have to add a new one to your lists, too, unless you research family vacations more thoroughly than I do.) I plan to pick up a few small, fun things to include in my package, and then my sock will go winging its way across the ocean! I also need to send some yarn to Mom, and a whole mess of things to Alaska. But first I must stop and pick up some packing materials. And I can't wait to see the sock that I get!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Barbara said...

Where have we been that's another continent? Palau? That's not a continent. I know Door County's not a continent and neither are the Keys. I give up.

Poor Pippin's unrequited love.

Aaron said...

Let's see, I know Ann has been to Europe and North America. I can't recall precisely, but imagine that she must have been to South America too. That must mean that Palau is technically part of Asia or Australia.

I think Pippin is really pining for me. I miss my kitty.

Katie said...

oooh, the Sock Roulette sounds like fun!

what are you up to next weekend?

Anonymous said...

Hey. Just stalking you a little letting you know your sock roulette sock is on it's way. I'll give you the tiniest of hints: It's got a LOOONNNGGG way to go to get there ... Not just another continent, another hemisphere!

Hope you like it ..