Saturday, February 21, 2009

Caturday, and a Request

Pippin really loves the Super Scratcher.

George has discovered that she can walk on the top of a window frame with the help of a curtain rod.

And if you look really closely, you can see that Eve is cuddling a frog finger-puppet that makes up one half of a set of dpn holders.

Now, for my request. I'm planning to submit several designs to The AntiCraft, and if they should be accepted I would prefer it if potential employers didn't find them when googling me pre-interview. So I need a pen name. I'm drawing a complete blank. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Anything at all?


David said...

How about a blast from the past...XuaXua Knitter?

I can't wait to see your projects.


Samara said...

I'm thinking some thing along the lines of Anti-social Ann or Famous ANNonymous. Think of what your rollergirl name would be and go with that.

Barbara said...

How about George's Mom? Love her creepy glowing green eyes in the curtain rod pic.

David said...

I was thinking more about this, and I realized that you probably don't want the nickname to even show up here on your blog on the off chance that someone makes the connection. I think you should just pick a random name and go with that.