Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Illusion Progress

I think I out-clevered myself on the whole "illusion knitting coasters for Grandma" idea. The problem comes in the intersection of "illusion knitting" and "coaster."

I'm starting to get the hang of the basic process, as you can see. There's the very beginning of the bottom of a spade there in the middle. Ooh, black spot!

Here you can see how long it is already. If I were going to knit a coaster, I would consider this roughly a third to halfway done. I am nowhere near 1/3 done with the spade pattern.

I'm going to keep going, though. For all I know, it'll miraculously squish down and look perfect once I get to Row 70 (of 76). If nothing else, I'll have practiced illusion knitting.

Grandma might end up with a scarf, after all.

Brain Wave

I just had a thought about the general concept of card suit+coaster. It's becoming pretty clear that the illusion knitting thing isn't going to pan out, and I started thinking that I wished there was a way to take out half of the rows. Then it hit me: Intarsia. Just because I'd have to adapt an illusion pattern to a technique I've *cough* never tried before is no reason not to consider it! I could totally learn how to do it.

I think my sock success has gone to my head. I'm getting all kinds of crazy ideas!


bookie said...

Oh cool. Even though you think it'll be too big to be a coaster, I'm so impressed that you figured out how to do it. Hey, maybe you could say they're for beverages and a little handful of snack for the bridge ladies, to keep crumbs off the cards. Crazy ideas are the birth of genius!

bookie said...

And how do you make pictures be in your text? Mine all pile up at the top.

Psyche said...

We'll see if I figured out how to do it in about 60 more rows. At this point, I only think I've figured it out--there's still the possibility that I'm doing it wrong. But the combo coaster/snack napkin idea might pan out...

To move the pictures around, you can just drag and drop. It takes a little fussing sometimes, but it's do-able.

bookie said...

Thanks! I went and moved pix in my blog. It never occurred to me to try "edit"ing the post to arrange photos. Duh. You're right, it takes a bit of fussing but I'll figure it out.