Friday, August 22, 2008


We Wisconsinites take our libraries very seriously. I got a kick out of that story.

In other news, I'm mostly moved! Last night I got to sleep in my own bed in my new place for the first time. Oh, my bed, how I missed you! On the moving agenda today are items such as my coffee pot and microwave. I'm slightly amazed by how many "little" things remain at my old place. Like, you know, most of my clothes. Half of my kitchen. That kind of thing. Oh, well--if I'm not working Sunday I'll spend the afternoon toting and hauling, and maybe get a little closer to done done.

Knitting continues slowly. I'm about 6 inches into the first sleeve of my sweater, but sore and tired arms have kept me from knitting much this week. I might not finish my sweater before the Olympics end, but I feel great about it--if nothing else, I'm an entire sweater front closer to finished than I was a few weeks ago.

And I have a brilliant plan to celebrate The End of moving and perhaps make knitting more comfortable again: a massage. There's a massage school in town that offers one-hour massages in their student clinic for the low, low price of $30. Count me in! But not until I'm totally, officially, finally moved. That includes cleaning my old place. Because what's the point of getting all relaxed and happy if I'm just going to screw it up by scrubbing things?


Barbara said...

Oh, man, I'd love a massage. I wonder if there's one in GB. Hmm, maybe I'll let my fingers do the walking...

Good job on the sweatering. Moving is an excellent reason for not finishing during the Olympics.

Fingers crossed you get finished this weekend.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

so that is like my worst nightmare, that i will check out some trashy crappy books and somehow, something will happen and the whole world will know that in my free time i am reading left behind or twilight or whatever, with no context at all. like, i could not bear to think that someone thought i was checking out something like white oleander in earnest. the going to jail would be nothing compared to that, in terms of the stress and embarrassment involved. i am such a snob, it's sad really.

Ann said...

Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed for her--seriously, to her White Oleander was worth going to jail over? I support your snobbery.