Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Caturday!

Announcing a new feature on my blog, which will run for the next 52 weeks: Caturday! Because my friends Aaron and Samara are off to spend the next year in Alaska, I have taken temporary custody of their house and their two cats. Also, permanent custody of my own cat. (I'm the only person I know who has ever moved in with their pet instead of the other way around.) Anyway, I know they're going to miss the little furballs, so I will be posting cat pictures on Saturdays.

I give you... Pippin, the Sleepy! (I discovered this gentleman on top of the dining room table my first night here. "Ooh, I'm Pippin, I'm the good one!" Right.)

And Eve, the... um... Also Sleepy! (Aw, she almost looks like a real cat when she's sleeping, instead of a tiny, furry demon that won't stay out of the cupboard under the sink!)

Last but not least, I present George, the Never Sleepy In Her Life! (Who has been extremely affectionate and disturbingly well-behaved since I moved.)

Thus endeth Caturday.

Today's a busy day for me, which is why I'm up and blogging at 8 am on a weekend. I have my first pride planning meeting at 10. I'm strangely nervous about chairing this meeting--it probably has to do with the dreams I've been having about the meeting going terribly awry. Or maybe it's the other way around--dreams because of nerves. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine. After that I have to go get a haircut, then try to grab something to eat before I go to work at Second Work.

Tomorrow, though, I'm footloose and fancy free. Which probably means sleeping until the phone rings at 10:30, then spending most of the rest of the day moving crap from my old place to my new place. (Clothes. Must move clothes.) There's been precious little time for knitting, but just to prove I still know how, here's part of a sleeve!


Katie said...

and a lovely sleeve it is!!!

Aaron said...

We were driving for a while today, and Samara got all teary about the cats in the middle of Montana. So imagine our delighted surprise when it turns out to be Caturday!


Barbara said...

Nice sleeve. I like the color even if it is blue!

Nice cats. George is especially good looking. The second one's a stealth cat unless it's disguised itself as a lime green pillow.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love you!

Samara said...

YAY caturday! I love the pictures. And not to be all like "I told you so," but living with the cats is so much more different than just visiting them. Thanks for taking care of them.