Friday, August 15, 2008

Gearing Up

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be moving! Well, moving my furniture, anyway. I'm going to do my best to get most of my stuff moved--I don't actually have to be out of my current place until the end of the month, so I can take it more slowly than the last few times I've moved, but it would be nice not to be living in two places at once.

Here's what my dining room looks like:

Mmm, boxes! I still have a shocking amount of packing to do. I think I'm going to dinner with a friend tonight, so that'll cut into packing time, but it should be all right. (A & S, do you want to grab some dinner with Pablo and me tonight?) I've got a big stack of empty boxes, and I can stay up all night if I have to. (I'm not going to stay up all night.)

Yesterday I finished my sweater front and cast on the first sleeve. Yay! I'm so close to actual sweater-dom... It's thrilling. Before work today I was knitting on my sleeve and came to a knot in my yarn. So I untied the knot and started to spit-felt it. I wasn't really concentrating on what I was doing; I was thinking about how impressed someone was last weekend when I showed them the magic of joining yarn by felting it, and what a cool trick it is generally. Then, once my yarn was all felted together, I realized that it didn't look quite right.

I didn't join the ball-end to the working yarn. I joined the ball-end to the cast on-end.

I'm a genius.

The yarn has been summarily cut, and is now ready to be re-joined at the correct place. I'm going to wait to do that until I've had another cup of coffee.


Barbara said...

Oops. Oh well, we all get distracted. Yay for sweater fronts!

Have fun moving.

Dad and I are going to the AC Corn Roast on Sunday so I can get my new wetsuit wet, so we won't be home for calling until the evening. We'll be the ones wearing a thin sheen of melted butter. You know, of course, that we'd much rather be helping you move, right? Such lovely parents.

Ann said...

Moving will be fine; I found my Ass Kickin' Babes Movers Inc. shirt! And there are some people I can con into helping me if things don't go as quickly this weekend as I'd like them to.

Have fun at the corn roast! I'm jealous. Eat an extra ear for me! I'll give you a call probably after dinner on Sunday, if I'm not passed out asleep!

Samara said...

I'm not sure about dinner, yet. It depends on where aaron is in his final packing. we have about 2 more trips to the storage building.