Saturday, August 30, 2008


George has very definitely laid a claim to me.

If I'm on the bed with her, and one of the other cats jumps up, she chases them away! I'm trying to break her of that habit.

I found a nice recipe I wanted to try out this week: Pippins preserved in slices.

(Click to embiggen.) I started with his front legs, but then I realized I didn't know how much a "gill" of water was, so I stopped.

He seems to be dealing with his lack of mobility very well. Poor no-leg Pippin!

And Eve? I think she's the victim of a body snatching.

This sweet, affectionate cat is not the demon I have come to know and tolerate. Every time I sit down she comes over and rubs her head against my hands--and doesn't bite them when I pet her! Seriously, though, I was actually a little concerned this morning. I sat down next to Sleeping Eve and started to pet her head--and she let me pet her for several minutes with no complaints. Multiple minutes, no bites, no escape attempts, no swats at my hand. She just sat there and purred. I was literally starting to wonder if she's sick. But then she rolled onto her side and bit me, and I was relieved. I think she just misses her people.

So, today is the Festival of Cleaning at my old place, and then I can wash my hands of it--literally and figuratively! I'm also planning to do a little care package assembling. I have to make sure my new cats' real owners survive, so they can take them back in a year! And then I'll probably go TV shopping. Last night my old TV was making a high-pitched whine while I was trying to watch a Mythbusters rerun, and I think that means it's time to finally buy a new TV. I've done some online shopping, but most of what I'm finding are LCD and plasma TVs. Those things are expensive! I'm really on a tube TV budget, even though it's slightly stone-age of me. But I could literally only get a 7" LCD TV on my current budget, and I'm afraid that's just not adequate for my television needs. I'm hoping that if I go to brick-and-mortar stores I find a little more variety in the tube TV selection--maybe the stores are just not putting them on their websites. Here's hoping!


Barbara said...

See what a nice person I am? I comment on your blog so you know I read it.

Have fun cleaning. Ugh. And good luck finding a regular TV. I'm sure Walmart has them.

Love, Mom

P.S. My verification word is hugof. Hug of what?

Aaron said...

I love Caturday!

My poor Pippin... he's lucky that you don't know what a gill of water is. I hope he can still use his back legs to push himself over to the water and food bowls. I bet you're gonna hate it when he starts pooping. Pooping without legs is messy.

Eve is sweeter than she gets credit for, when you live with her. Also, she's probably a bit attention-starved.

I'm glad you're enjoying the cat life. Thanks for cat updates!

Samara said...

I love caturday! And poor pippin being all no legged.

See, my cat can be sweet, when she's not trying to eat your face.