Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caturday, and Knitting, and a Few Other Things

I really meant to post about knitting at least once between Caturday posts, but this week it didn't work so well.

Today, the two shall be combined! George and Eve are admiring my progress on Sleeve the First. I've got about an inch and a half to go before I shape the sleeve cap, and then I'll be done! With this sleeve. One more sleeve to go, obviously. But I'm approaching Sweaterdom, and that's pretty awesome.

Pippin wouldn't cooperate with the cats-and-knitting photo session, so here he is, all by his lonesome.

Sometimes he likes to hang out by the back door. It might be because he can see all the way to the front of the house from there--he can kind of keep an eye on things. Or at least keep an eye on a three-foot-wide strip of things, through the doorways. He is master of all he surveys!

I'm completely out of my old place, and it's nice to only be living in one house. Although I do have moments when I have to remind myself which house that it--it's easy to forget and drive to my old place out of habit! Today I'm planning to do some unpacking and organizing. My kitchen and bathroom are completely unpacked, but the other rooms still feature stacks of totes and a lot of disorder.

By the way, shopping for a tube TV in 2008 is really kind of depressing. You have to sort of skulk around to the less glamorous areas of the store, past the flashy displays of new technology to the small, hidden shelves of the old-fashioned and unfashionable. Everything is dusty and a little dim, and there's a definite sense that the store is ashamed of carrying such things, and the consumer should be embarrassed to be selecting one of these big, unwieldy boxes instead of one of the sleek, sexy boxes in front that scream "PLASMA" and "LCD."

Or maybe that's just me.

And I was given some literature this morning by a nice man named David and his son, Aiden.

Those JWs are crafty, man--I can never turn down a small child in his best clothes holding out a copy of The Watchtower. Oh, well. Now that they've reached me, maybe they'll leave me alone.

And on Monday, I'll be getting a massage as a reward for all of my hard work during the moving process. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.


Samara said...

Aw. You got JWs. All I ever got was crazy Baptists and the occasional homeless guy wanting to bum a light or a cigarette.

I can't wait to see the finished sweater. OMG Yarn is expensive up here. It's $10.00 for a regular skein of red hart. And who wants a scarf made out of regular acrylic. BAH.

Aaron said...

I love Caturday. Pippin looks depressed. Of course, I think Pippin always sort of looks depressed. But it makes me a little sad anyway, so make sure you give him extra forced cuddlings and pettings for me. Tell him his daddy misses him.

Everything else is going well! Hurrah! Enjoy that massage. It's well-earned.

David said...

Ann, I can relate to your TV buying experience. We bought a tube TV when we got here and I'm pretty sure I passed a survivalist operating a still on the way to the tube TVs. I'm glad to hear you're getting settled and I'll give you a call tomorrow afternoon if you'll be home?

Abigail said...

Ann-I love Caturday. I know George is really your cat, but Pippin is my favorite. I think its because he looks a little tubby. I hope you enjoy your massage!

Katie said...

also loving Caturday. its keeping me from kitten fever. I desperately want a cat, but alas I don't need something else to take care of at the moment.

hope I can catch you sometime at a SNB, but it will probably be later rather than sooner.