Friday, September 26, 2008

Caturday Eve

I woke up this morning, thought about the projects I want to be working on and the ones I am working on, and then thought, "Crap! Tomorrow is Caturday, and I haven't blogged since last Caturday!" So here I am, blogging.

Everyone should follow this link to yesterday's Natalie Dee comic, unless they saw it already on Samara's solo blog. I think we can all relate to it.

I had a lovely time on Tuesday at SnB. There was good cyser and good company, and I left Jane's place with this:

A sleeve! A finished sleeve! One more to go and I can block and seam this sucker. Then I will officially be a Sweater Knitter, with a real live sweater to prove it.

I've had a hankering to crochet edging onto hankies again lately. I found my crochet thread and my handkerchief blanks this morning--but there's no sign of the case with my crochet hooks in it. I'm pretty sure it's in my house somewhere, but currently there's no proof of that. It seems extremely likely that I'll make a trip to Michael's this evening and get a new tiny crochet hook. I really need to do some unpacking and organizing this weekend.

Of course, I also have a Crazy Scheme in mind for this weekend. Okay, not that crazy, but still a scheme. Apparently I didn't blog about the time I turned a really ugly Easter basket into a yarn basket, but you can see the basket in question in this entry. That basket is currently in a closet, hiding from cats. What I want to do this weekend is make a lid for it. This plan involves a trip to Home Despot for thin plywood, a hinge and screws, and a handsaw. I'll trace the outline of the top of the basket on the plywood, cut it out with the handsaw, paint it red (if I can figure out what I did with my red paint) to match the basket, then attach it with the hinge. Voila! A lidded knitting basket I can safely keep near the sofa for easy TV knitting. At least, that's the plan.

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Samara said...

Good idea with the basket. I'm going to suggest putting a rock on your basket lid when you are done with it. There might be a cat that will be able to open just a lidded basket.