Tuesday, September 4, 2007

KNT 210: Yarn Storage for Advanced Beginners

I took drastic measures yesterday and tidied up my living room. A big part of tidying my living room was dealing with The Stash, which has been attempting a bloodless coup recently. It was time to put my foot down.

Now, I forgot (read: was too embarrassed) to take a "before" picture, but here is what the yarn storage area is supposed to look like.

There is yarn in the hatboxes, in the little trunk under the basket, and in the cardboard box next to the basket. (And in the basket, obviously.) The little suitcase has needles and notions in it, and the thing on top of the cardboard box is the Ancestral Needle Case. This is "After." In its "before" state, the yarn storage area was a wild and scary place: the basket was piled almost twice as high, there was another (larger) box full of yarn on the floor in front of the trunk, and little piles of balls of yarn next to that box. And that's completely ignoring the bag full of cotton yarn that was next to the arm chair. Clearly, something had to be done. So I dug deep into my little pea brain to figure out where to put the rest of the yarn--and I came upon a completely obvious solution. See, I had been going for decorative storage, but I can't really afford to keep buying cute little trunks and baskets--not to mention the fact that I don't have room for too many more little trunks or baskets. But being someone who is on the "just starting out" end of life, all of my "side tables" are, in fact, large Rubbermaid totes covered with colorful sarongs. And do you know what Rubbermaid totes are? Storage. Brilliant, I know.

The casual observer need never know that this

conceals this.

I have successfully reasserted my governance of the territory known as The Living Room--at least for a few more weeks!


I've been knitting along quietly on the second of the New York socks.

Suddenly my foot seems very long. I might have to switch gears and get working on Grandma's Gift Wrap for a little while so I don't get burned out on socks.


Sunday was ReBelle's first birthday--happy birthday, LYS! There were treats, a sale, and many knitters. Also, Robyn brought a project for everyone--sock holders! I picked little green monsters, and I'm thrilled with my new toy.

These aren't the best pictures in the world, but you get the idea. I think they're just adorable.


Anonymous said...

Love those green monsters!

fragglesmurf said...

So that's where you hide it. Now, if you shove all your new yarn in the big "bucket" I'll never know.

Barbara said...

Very nice, Ann. I have the entire corner of the bedroom stacked with totes and cute bins and still it's getting out of hand and creeping toward the end of the bed. One morning I'll awake to find skeins on the quilt or even *gasp* on the pillow. "Save yourself, Dear! I'll beat it back!" is what I'll say as I shove Dad out into the hall. Meanwhile I'll be sitting in the middle of all that lovely yarn, knitting needles in one hand, crochet hook in the other, thinking, "what's next?"

robyn said...
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robyn said...

I put a tutorial for the needle holders on my blog.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I'm quite impressed by your yarn-hiding abilities. I've just got all mine crammed into a display case and I call it "artsy" :oP