Friday, September 7, 2007

This Week: All Granny, All the Time

As part of my Great Clean-Up over the weekend, I took a close look at some of my UFOs. One thing that has been taking up valuable Project Basket real estate is the intarsia spade I was working on as a possible Grandma present--it had been hanging out about halfway done, because it seemed to be a good idea gone wrong, but I was reluctant to frog it. This week, I finished it.

Imperfect it may be; slightly misshapen, a little bulgy, and definitely blurry in that photo--but you know, I kind of like it. I think I'm going to see how it survives a machine washing, and if it does all right, I just may finish the set and have a Grandma gift at the ready for some future occasion.

I've also been making nice progress on Grandma's Gift Wrap. Here you see it in all of its stripey glory. The colors are a bit off, but when are they not? Each stripe is about an inch and a half wide, so we're looking at about 11 inches of wrap. I just have to do that about 5 or 6 more times, and I'll be done!

Eesh. That didn't make me feel more done at all.

The other thing I've been working on this week is what I have dubbed the Hexaghan. (Afghan made from hexagonal granny "squares" = Hexaghan.) I decided that I should try to crochet one hexagon per day until I'm done. So far, I've kept to my resolution for two whole days. Yay! No pictures of this project today, but this entry has a picture of 4 hexagons down toward the bottom. They look pretty much the same, except that the most recent ones are medium grey instead of blue. I ran out of black Red Heart doing the edging on the last blue hexagon (hooray for using up yarn!), so I grabbed a stray skein of black Wool Ease--look at my mad stash busting skills! (That's not to say that I didn't consider buying more Red Heart so all of the edging would absolutely match--I did consider it. But this is supposed to be a stash busting project, as I said. I held firm.) We'll see how long I can keep up the "one hexagon a day" thing!

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Barbara said...

Look at you, strong determined knitter girl! Cool looking spade, and Grandma will love that wrap. How long does it take to make one hexagon? An hour? Less? I'll bet you fritter away at least that much time a day; I know I do. You go, Ann, crochet those grannies! I have completely lost my shrawl steam. I think it left when I realized that it wasn't going to look anything like the picture on the pattern and I had made it too wide to do what I wanted it to. I'll pick it back up one of these days and finish it. I swear I will.

Love, Mom