Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hooray! Pictures!

First, here is the latest photo of Grandma's Gift Wrap.

It's not actually wavy--it's just stretched to varying degrees. I promise, my edges are even. I know this because I freaked out a few stripes ago and obsessively counted stitches. And it has surpassed 30 inches in length! Hurray! (That doesn't really mean anything, but it feels like a milestone.)

I also have some pictures of David's kilt hose to show off.

Looks impressive, doesn't it? I was all proud of myself, until I realized that it'll be worn like this:

So it's not quite as far along as it appears at first glance. Regardless, though, I feel pretty good about my progress. And I'm really enjoying the Clock Pattern on either side of the leg; it's pretty, and it keeps me entertained.

And that's pretty much what I've been working on. I've made some progress on my Dublin Bay sock, but haven't taken any pictures of it recently. Maybe next time!


Barbara said...

Wow, Ann, those kilt hose (that kilt ho?) looks great. I'm so impressed with how sock-ish it looks. Your stitches are all neat and even. And the wrap is coming along. I find myself counting stitches all the time--as I knit them, when I turn the row, all the time, count, count, count, count, count. I was semi-relieved when Grandma told me the other day she counts her stitches all the time too.

Love you!

Ann said...

I actually had someone else count my stitches last night, because I counted twice and came up with two different numbers! It was a big relief to me when I started going to SnB and realized that everybody has to stop and count, and sometimes rip back, and curse every once in a while--even people who've been knitting for years.

I'm pretty proud of the kilt hose. Thanks for the compliments. :)

Love you too!

fragglesmurf said...

You really need a good name for the hose. What about david's hair hiders? Or sexy socks? Or wearable wedding..uh, wings? I don't know, but something should be done about this.

Ann said...

You're right, I do need a good name for them. But David rejected "Giant Socks o' Love," and I don't remember what Mom's suggestion was, but I think it was similarly inappropriate. Much like "Sexy Socks." *Sigh* Maybe I'll see if the Ravelers can help me.

Abby&David said...

I have to admit that "Giant Socks O' Love" is kind of growing on me.