Monday, September 17, 2007

Progress is Made

I've been working on Grandma's Gift Wrap pretty consistently, and making some decent progress. I'd say I'm about a quarter of the way done now.

The picture looks kind of odd because it's sideways, but that's on purpose, to show the stripes in the proper orientation.

This project is giving me far more trouble than it should be, given how simple the pattern is. I keep screwing it up in really obvious ways--well, I should say in ways that are obvious once I get to the next stripe, so I have to rip out 6 to 10 rows at a time (a huge pain, by the way, because it's really difficult to get 114 stitches in Microspun back onto the needle without splitting them all to hell) and completely redo them, and that's making this take way longer than it should.

It occurred to me yesterday at Stitch and Bitch that perhaps I should change the name of this project. You know how people make prayer shawls, and the idea is that they pray while they're making them, so the fabric is infused with good wishes and positive thoughts and stuff like that? I'm thinking that this is an Invective Shawl. I keep cursing at it, and glowering at it, and sighing, and tugging on it, and wishing I was done. My poor grandmother is going to wrap it around herself and immediately start hating everyone around her, and insulting people, and cursing like a sailor. It's sort of like the pink goo in Ghostbusters II. Also, I'm going to be one skein of white short. I'm positive that it'll be easy to obtain, but it's still annoying.

But you know, it is quite pretty. The yarn has a nice sheen, the stitch pattern is interesting, and the colors play well together. I need to keep reminding myself that I do like this project.


Barbara said...

Beautiful! Grandma will love it. I like the name too--Invective Shawl--very funny. Most of the things I make should impart a feeling of frustration, at the very least, to the wearer. Maybe that's why I don't give things I knit or crochet away, don't want to give them a bad mood too. Tonight's the--what do they call it? oh yeah--Knit-Along at Monterrey down the road. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Abby&David said...

Vy am I drippings vith goo?

Abby&David said...

Ann -
David left me the yarn site up on the computer so I was able to pick the yarns. I think that your idea to do it in the wedding colors is awesome, so I think the cocoa, purple, and then which ever green is more leafy - (maybe the avocado or the green?). The pattern and which is used more is totally up to you, the crochet goddess. I'm sure it will be awesome.

I hope everything is well, I heard your week last week was not so great. I hope this one is better.


fragglesmurf said...

poor grandma..Cussing in line at the grocery store :(