Monday, September 24, 2007


I'd like to take a moment to talk about my new favorite thing: the "ugh!" pages on Ravelry. Now, I know that some of you have not yet gotten into Ravelry, and some of you don't care about Ravelry. But this is a seriously awesome thing.

See, the ughs are projects that their creators have labeled with an emoticon that shows a little crying frowny face. For one reason or another, these knitters/crocheters feel very badly about these projects, and Ravelry has made it easy for other users to see them, all in one place.

I love looking at the ughs. Love it. I especially like the projects that have extensive notes explaining why the creator hates the project. Now, for a little while I felt bad about my enjoyment of the ughs. I thought it signified a character flaw, just a little too much schadenfreude for me to feel comfortable owning up to. But I've come to the conclusion that the reason I love looking at these is because it's deeply reassuring to see that other people, even people that have been knitting or crocheting for years, can screw up in grand, impressive ways and live to tell the tale. It almost makes me want to find an ugh to post. (Almost.)

So far, my absolute favorite description of an ugh begins with the sentence, "Neck turned out tiny, I'm sure due to some flaw in my soul." It's almost as good as the one where the entire description is, "This shawl is dead to me."

Although I have to admit that seeing the many, many ways that sweaters can go mysteriously and horribly wrong makes me just a bit scared to make one.


Barbara said...

I can't wait to get on Ravelry and cruise the Ugh pages too. It's kind of like slowing down next to an accident--you know you shouldn't look, but you can't help yourself. I, too, find it reassuring when more experienced knitters (which is nearly everyone) have problems and don't die from them. Oh, go on, Ann, knit a sweater! I'll send Grandma vibes down. (She once knitted me a sweater with a crocheted edge in one week between forensic meets! And sewed a matching wool skirt too.) You've got some of her genes, you can do it.

Love you, Mom

Ann said...

I will knit a sweater eventually. I'm too stubborn not to! I just hope it turns out well!

robyn said...

Thank you, I was searching for the ughs everywhere. It didn't dawn on me that they would be under people.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I too look at the ughs more than anything else on there :oP I think the descriptions just make them.

Kim Colley said...


I didn't know you could browse "ugh"s. So tried it. Evil Sock is whimpering in a corner, cowed into submission by the hideous husband sweaters.