Monday, September 10, 2007

One Cuff Done


At lunch today I finished the first kilt hose cuff! See, my chart is all highlighted! Of course, I immediately ran upstairs to show it off to Pat... and she was at lunch. As in not in the building. Grrr. So I went to Ila's office. She's not a knitter, but she makes great admiring noises. She was suitably impressed. Hell, I'm impressed--this is the most complicated thing I've ever knitted. I made a chart! I used motifs! The amazing and kind-hearted Jessie (Jessi?) fixed the part that I screwed up, so I wouldn't have to start over! And even though it's only a couple of inches long, I'm as proud as can be.

Now I just have to make it reach the floor, and do the whole thing over again. Piece of cake! (Especially after I wrote myself a big note, to keep me from messing up that one motif again.)

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fragglesmurf said...

Great job! David is going to love it, um, them. And he can wear them over and over, just for fun if he wants.