Monday, September 24, 2007

So Much for That Idea

I was just catching up on everyone's blogs and realized that it's been days and days since I last posted something decent. So I decided to use my lunch hour for Good Blogging (in addition to eating). I had this great plan to take pictures of Grandma's Gift Wrap and David's Kilt Hose (still looking for an alternate name), and even take a picture of the chart I made for the leg of the hose (because I'm not bright enough to keep track of leg decreases and where I am in a motif panel and knit all at the same time) and post that, and write insightful, witty, and interesting things about all of it. Then I turned around to grab my camera and my projects... and realized that I brought my second-string knitting bag today. The one that just has a sock in it, no camera, no anything interesting, really.


I guess I'll have to save the interesting blogging for another day.

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