Friday, August 31, 2007

Baking, and Delivery

On Wednesday night, I took a page out of David's book, and baked some bread!

A few weeks ago I went to an art fair, where I picked up a ceramic bread baker. It came with recipes, too, and I couldn't wait to try them out--especially the dill bread recipe. So, on Wednesday, I gathered my ingredients, did my mixing and rising and re-rising, then put the whole shebang in the oven.

This is what came out.

The bread top is almost as tall as the baking dish! In fact, when I checked it partway through, the top of the bread was almost touching the top of the oven. I had to move my rack down.

I made the world's biggest muffin.

That's a full-sized dinner plate it's resting on.

The good news is... It's very tasty!


Yesterday I got a very large box.

I love the nice people at Elmore-Pisgah. I especially love the $2.19 grab bag, even though it came with lots of crochet thread (which I've never used) because they also included significantly more than $2 worth of yarn in each. (The spread on the carpet came out of 4 grab bags. I ordered the 2 bags of 6 separately.) I figure that I can find someone to give the thread to, so it won't just sit in my apartment not being crocheted into anything. (I might keep a big one and a small one, in case I'm suddenly seized by an urge to doily. You never know--sometimes I go a little crazy.) Of course, in order to get the special prices, you have to order a total of $25... but you know, I think it was totally worth it.


Barbara said...

Mmmm, homemade bread. I love homemade bread. Tell me you ate some while it was still warm. Ah, ecstasy.

Cool yarn. Whatchya gonna make, Ann? Is it all cotton?

Love, Mom

Barbara said...

Doilies aren't the only thing to make from it. You can make snowflakes to hang on your Xmas tree from crochet cotton, too. And Grandma makes little baskets and parasol tops to hang. I've even seen garments made with it.

Your bread bowl is very pretty. And the texture of your bread looks nice and even. Great job!

Psyche said...

The yarn is all cotton, but some of the thread is rayon. I haven't decided what to make yet; I need to find something largish to make so I don't end up with 10,000 dishcloths!

I did eat some bread while it was still warm. It's really good--not overpoweringly dilly. The recipe calls for cottage cheese, but it's not cheesy, either. This recipe is a keeper!