Friday, August 24, 2007

Vaguely Knitting-Related

Well, more than vaguely, now that I think about it. Whatever.

I decided yesterday, after spending an hour or so charting the cuff for David's kilt hose (and then making about 4 photocopies of it, which I stashed in various places) and casting on, that I needed to get some of those nifty sock-in-progress holder things that I've seen: basically two things that fit over the ends of all of the needles, connected by two pieces of elastic.

I went to ReBelle at lunch today to see if they had any; Robyn showed some that Sarah had sewed, but they weren't quite what I was looking for. So Robyn showed me hers: two little plastic Buddha pencil toppers that she had poked holes in and threaded with elastic cord. Not for sale, of course. But she very kindly explained how she made them, and I trotted up the stairs to Sqecial Media (sorry, the store's MySpace page was the best I could do, link-wise). I picked up 4 pairs of finger puppets and one pair of pencil toppers, then ran over to Hancock Fabrics and got me some elastic cord. I poked some holes with my tapestry needles, and ended up with sock holders!

Look what I made!

Aw, how cute! I also tried to make a sock holder from a pair of wacky monster finger puppets, but the rubber/plastic those were made of was too flimsy--the instant I stretched it to try to put it on a sock, the elastic tore its way right out. Rats.

But here are the two successful attempts (so far!) in action:

I'm completely in love with these things. I'm dying to find more cool finger puppets and make them into sock-in-progress holders!


Barbara said...

So that's what those things were I saw in JoAnn's the other day. Yours are so cute! I love the bug ones! If I ever knit socks will you make me some? Don't you just love clever solutions to annoying problems?

Love, Mom

Psyche said...

I will absolutely make you some. I was actually kind of sad this morning, because I wanted to send you one, but you wouldn't have a use for it! Maybe I'll go ahead and send you a set, and then you'll have to learn to knit socks.


robyn said...

I am going to put a tutorial for these on my blog Sunday or Monday since they are so useful and so cute; can I use your pictures for extra ideas and link to your blog?

I have a bunch of finger puppets for you, but I had to work late on Tuesday. Are you coming on Sunday? I am not going to stay for the entire snb, but since it is the store's b-day I am coming by for a bit with cupcakes.

Psyche said...

Hey Robyn,

Of course you can use my pictures and link me.

I saw that you had to work late--boo! Working late should be banned. I'm planning to be there Sunday, barring any catastrophes. I'll see you then!