Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fish, and a Bag

I'm up to six fish--how exciting! They even look like they'll fit together pretty well. I just need to weave in ends on a couple of them. I think fish are my new "take to work" knitting. They're nice and satisfying.

Yesterday I started knitting a market bag out of Amaizing, 100% corn fiber yarn. I had been looking for a pattern for a market bag, and the sample at ReBelle caught my eye--it was exactly what I was looking for in a market bag. And the pattern was free with yarn purchase, which gave me a great excuse to buy fancy yarn I wouldn't otherwise buy!

I finally worked up the courage to cast on (my first time with circular needles--whee!) before work yesterday, and got most of the first handle done before I had to leave. I took it with me to Stitch and Bitch last night, and got about a third of the way through the body of the bag. Here's what I pulled out of my knitting bag this morning.

It's all smooshed up; it stretches quite a bit. Here's some of the bag part, stretched out:

Here's an edge:

See, there's a nice border around the more open body. And here's some more, stretched out:

Oh, crap. That's a very big hole. Much bigger than the other holes. Much bigger than the holes are supposed to be.

I'm not sure if I can fix that hole. I have serious doubts about my hole-fixing abilities. I might take it in to ReBelle and see if Sarah can help me... but I'm afraid that my only hope might be to rip back to the last row of plain garter stitch, because the loose body is made with double yarnovers that get dropped...

And here I was all proud of myself for not having messed up at all last night! This is where my hubris gets me. All alone with a very big hole.


bookie said...

Maybe the big hole just means some of the yarn is slid too close to other yarn. Maybe if you scrunch it together and rub it around it'll all settle where it's supposed to be. I hope your knitting person can help you. Pretty color!

bookie said...

Cool fish. You've got a nice, neutral pallette going with your six. I've been meaning to ask you about circular needles. How do the stitches work on that long string? Do they stay the right size? Sorry for the dork questions, but I'm such a knitting novice.

Love, Mom

Psyche said...

The first thing I did when I saw the big hole was try to rearrange it; sadly, it's just a hole, I think. A mysterious, infuriating hole. And I can't believe I didn't notice it last night.

I like the color, too! One of the ladies commented last night that it matched my shirt. :)

This is the first time I've worked with circular needles, but my stitches seemed to behave very well on the cord. Up until the part where they didn't. But that was probably my fault.

And don't apologize for asking dork questions. I'm a novice, too! I'm kind of figuring things out as I go along.


fragglesmurf said...

Nice bag. I look forward to you making me one once you get the holes worked out ;)