Monday, August 6, 2007

Endless Bag

I took my market bag-in-progress to Stitch & Bitch yesterday, hoping for some help fixing the huge hole. When I displayed it, though, one person advised me that the hole is where the baguette sticks out, and another suggested tying the hole shut with a little piece of yarn--I really like these women--and in the end, I knit on without fixing the hole. I figured I would tie it shut at the end.

Heh. The end, she says.

I spent a few hours on the bag yesterday, and it seemed to be taking longer and longer to finish each row. I thought I was just getting tired of wrestling with yarnovers. Hoping to have an excuse to make a slightly smaller bag than the pattern directed, I mentioned that my ball of yarn was looking a little skimpy. "Oh, you're not going to run out!" Sarah assured me. "When I made the sample, I made it 10 inches instead of 9, and I still had yarn left over!" So I kept going. But I was working on the bag a little while ago and noticed that I really did seem to be running out of yarn rather quickly. I decided to go ahead and do the second handle. According to the pattern, I'm supposed to have 30 stitches at this point.

On my second row of plain garter stitch (no more yarnovers!) I started counting. I got to fifteen and saw that I was nowhere near halfway. How many stitches did I have, you ask?


I don't know where those other 26 stitches came from.

But isn't it pretty?

Sigh. It looks so much like a market bag! Just like the market bag I want to have!

But I'm going to have to... (oh, how this pains me!) I'm going to have to frog it and start over.

Yarnovers: The bane of the novice knitter's existence.


Barbara said...

Oh, honey, it's beautiful. And will be again, I am sure. Just think, it'll go much faster. I feel your pain. I'm going frogging tomorrow at Patti's I am sure. I crocheted the first pattern row of my sweater yesterday and ran out of repeats before I ran out of ribbing. Hopefully I'll only have to frog the pattern row and not the ribbing. More later on my blog.

Love, Mom

Psyche said...

Sigh. It will go faster, once I reduce the stitch count by half! I just wish I new how I messed it up in the first place!

For the moment, though, the bag is going to sit on the armchair and think about what it's done. I'll check in with it in a week or so.

I think I would be tempted just to do a few more repeats, until I ran out of ribbing!