Friday, August 3, 2007

Felt, KAL Progress, and Long Shawl

Check it out--I finally felted my skulls!

They turned out pretty well for a first attempt at two techniques, if I say so myself.

I actually forgot about the monthly dishcloth KAL this month until I got the second day's rows yesterday! But I caught up last night, which is way easier to do when you're only a day behind--unlike the mid-July KAL, when I fell about 3 days behind. Here it is so far:

Ooh, zig-zaggy!

And I'm also making good progress on the Hug Shawl--it's as long as I am tall now.

Okay, I'm pretty short, but I still think that's fairly long.

And I got a letter from Herrschners today, informing me that they can't find any of the yarn I ordered. Sigh. Now I'm contemplating the Wolina I pointed Mom to, maybe in Sicilian Slate. (I think I like Trevi Taupe better, but there are fewer skeins of that left, and I would be sad to have my order canceled on me again.) We'll see.


bookie said...

Ooh, cool skulls, Ann. What will you do with them? And your shawl is so long. Not much more and you'll have another finished project. Your friend will love it I'm sure.

I'm farther than you are on the KAL. Nyah, nyah, nyah. I will admit that I knitted at work yesterday, not only on my lunch break to keep up.

Having seen that amber yarn, I have to say don't be too disappointed. It was b**t-ugly, and you know I don't say that about too many colors. Order the Wolina; it's turning out to be a dream to crochet and should knit up just as nicely. And it smells nice, kind of like hay.

Love you, Mom

bookie said...

Holy cow, Ann, the Wolina's price went down below two bucks a skein. I think I paid close to three. I avoided disappointment by calling Herrschners to order the last time. They can check the actual inventory while you're on the phone.