Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I have some lovely pictures of my recent knitting... on my computer at home. I plan to post them tomorrow or the next day, but for now, I'll just have to post picture-free. So depressing and un-colorful!

Anyway, I have been a busy little knitter. I received the package of Wolina I ordered from Herrschners (in Tuscan Slate, a color they apparently don't have available anymore), so now I have the yarn for my Perfect Sweater (designed by the readers of Mason-Dixon Knitting--how fun!). I figure I'll start simple when it comes to sweaters; nothing fancy and cable-y or lacy or anything like that. I started a gauge swatch, but I want to get a bit more knitted on it before I measure. Of course, I'll probably end up with the strangest, wackiest numbers ever (and therefore the worst fitting sweater ever), given my history with gauge swatches... It looks beautiful so far. I have a good feeling about this yarn.

Which brings me to the next project! I've also been swatching for David's kilt hose. In the round, no less! And today I got his measurements (so I can make sure his kilt hose fit him!). I fully intend to take my swatch with me to Stitch and Bitch tonight and force everyone at the table to check my gauge before I cast on. I'm taking no chances.

I've also been working away on the latest dishcloth KAL, a nice cabled cloth. I'm having fun cabling; it's like magic! (It doesn't photograph well, of course. But that might have something to do with my yarn--P & C in Potpourri, a variegated cream/lavender/aqua/yellow/sage that Mom sent me. Pretty, but hard to photograph all cabled up!)

I'll stop here--at last count, I have 11 WIPs, and it would be incredibly boring for everyone if I just described them all. I'm trying to figure out how to put progress bars on my sidebar--maybe that'll help motivate me to finish some things!

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