Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sorry for the long absence, folks--in the rush to get ready for vacation, I forgot to post that I was going on vacation!

But I'm back now, from sunny NYC, where I spent a wonderful week visiting the lovely Kelly and her equally lovely (in a very manly way) boyfriend.

In that time, I knit two thirds of a sock, visitied two yarn stores (where I purchased more yarn than I should have), and taught Kelly the rudiments of single crochet. Oh, and I saw New York, ate yummy cupcakes, went to a movie, attended a party, and had a complete blast.

I'll post some pictures probably tomorrow--I took my 35mm camera with me, so I need to get my film developed. (Although I only took about 16 pictures; I was strangely unimpressed by major landmarks, possibly because I had already seen them on my last [first] trip to NYC.) But I'll take some yarny photos today with the digital, so everyone can drool with envy over the alpaca-silk blend sock yarn I bought.

A girl needs a souvenir, you know?


Barbara said...

Ann! You made it home in one piece. Whew. I was afraid the Big Bad Apple had swallowed you up. Too bad you didn't take a ride in the Cash Cab to win $$ for yarn buying. Can't wait to see your pix. Talk to you Sunday.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a good vacation; can't wait to see the loot :)

Abby&David said...

Hey Ann,
I'm glad your vacation was good. I promise I'll send you my leg/food measurements no later than Monday. Talk to you soon,