Saturday, September 20, 2008

Caturday: Summer Olympic Edition

"But Ann!" you're saying. "The summer Olympics ended weeks ago!"

"Not in this house, they didn't!" I answer you. "I think it has something to do with the time difference between here and Beijing."

There are currently three events underway.

First up is the Stare-athon.

Eve takes an early lead in this event, in part due to her creative use of a closet door in her routine. But this one's not over yet!

Next, we'll head over to the Competitive Eating ring.

This is a real blow for the Persian team, as their athlete, Pippin, is distracted by the media attention and loses focus. Bad luck, Persia.

And our final event is the High Jump.

It looked as though George would take the gold for her daring jump from the back of a chair (lower left) to the top of a door, but the judges were not lenient when it came to scoring--there were deductions for her shaky take-off and all the noise involved with her landing. It looks like the silver is the best she can hope for.

That wraps it up for today's coverage of the Summer Kittylympics. Tune in next week for a crowd favorite: Greco-Roman wrestling. The fur will be flying--literally--when these competitors get going!


Aaron said...

I love my cats.

I miss cats. Last night we saw some cats. I'll post more later on my blog.

Thanks for Caturday!

rochard said...

That's incredible. I've never seen a cat on top of a door before, and I've had a lot of cats. Of course, my cat would wait for me to walk in, then jump on my head.