Friday, September 19, 2008


Ahoy, me hearties! Today be International Talk like a Swashbuckler Tide. I be celebratin' by wearin' me Jack Sparrow t-shirt an' me hand-knit gentleman o' fortune socks.

(Fer th' English-t'-Swashbuckler translator, go here.)

On Wensdee, I did somethin' I've been wantin' t' do since th' first time I sailed' t' Sue Ann's Bagels in Ashwaubenon. I made bagels! Here`s an action shot o' three stages o' bagel-hood: on th' port, formed an' risen bagels. In th' pot, boilin' bagels. An' on th' starboard, boiled an' topped bagels waitin' fer bakin'.

An' here we be havin' 12 lovely, finished bagels. They's nay th' best bagels I've e'er eaten, but they be th' best bagels I've e'er made.

Th' other tide I noticed that me socks had picked up some Pippin fur. Identical wee sprays o' fur be stuck t' me socks in th' exact same place on each sock. I felt like Hermes, so I had t' take a picture. Me wings be more visible-like if ye click t' enlarge.

An' I've been knittin' a sock.

That's all I've got fer now. Enjoy yer plunderin' today!


Barbara said...

Huzzah! I'll be feedin' the Cap'n's feathered friends and takin' up quill and parchment to pass my day. No skull & bones socks for me but I'll don the Harley bandana (cocked at a rakish angle, o'course).


Barbara said...

Oh, and yummy looking bagels. Nice sock. I do love variegated yarn.

Love, Mom

Aaron said...

Arrrr... bagels and socks. What a fine way to start the day, me hearties.

Hug me furry parrots for me, matey.

Samara said...

Yar, where be the rum? I miss me rum.

David said...

Hey, Ann. Uh...I mean, Yarrr! The bagels look great. That's the same way Abby and I made pretzels in CA. It's a little more work, but worth it.