Saturday, September 13, 2008


I think the cats are trying to tell me something.

Do you see a theme emerging?

Eve hates themes.

But Pippin and George definitely think it's time I did something about all the boxes in this place. Pippin is actually sitting in two boxes that are on top of the box that George is in.

Good thing the recycling goes out this week! I think I'll spend a little time breaking down and bundling boxes today...

I've also done some knitting this week.

This is a gauge swatch for a super-secret Christmas present. One that I will be designing. It's pretty exciting that I feel confident enough that, when I can't find a pattern that fits my vision, I can use my vision to create a pattern. I even created graph paper that matches my gauge so that, when I chart my motifs, they won't go all wonky when it comes time to knit them. Because I am that geeky.

I also got an urge last weekend to knit argyle socks. I was thwarted, though, because I couldn't find a free pattern that was knit flat and didn't involve duplicate stitch. I want to knit argyle socks right! So I resigned myself to a long and fitful pattern search. Then I went to ReBelle, which was having a birthday sale--and they were giving away free magazines with purchase. I didn't want to stand there and look through them all, so I grabbed one that looked... interesting.

It's like a helmet, see? It's got the futuristic silver ear thingies! How could I leave this in the store?

Well, I looked through this magazine the other day, and guess what I found! A traditional argyle sock pattern! It was fate. The socks will have to wait, though--I'm too excited about super-secret Christmas projects.

And my sweater? It languishes, unfinished, in my billboard bag. Oh, well. I'll finish it eventually.

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Aaron said...

I love my cats, and they love Caturday!