Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Last night, between counting condoms (thousands of condoms--thousands) for AVOL and heading to the Hustler store to help supply their teaching kits (I do the best volunteer work ever!), I managed to do a little knitting.

The pirate socks are done!

You know, it's not getting any easier to photograph socks on my own feet. So I got to thinking, I really need some sock blockers, just for taking pretty pictures.

Like that one.

They're not perfect as far as sock blockers go, but they're serviceable! A few weeks ago I found some clearance stiff plastic placemats, and I bought them with the idea that I could use them to put in purse bottoms and stuff. Well, I laid out the pirate socks on one of them, traced slightly outside them with a dry erase marker, made some cuts, and voila!

The cheeriest sock blockers in the world!

I hand washed the socks last night, and they're still wet this morning. I might just have to wear them tomorrow.

And I'm already planning the next pair of Pirate Socks.


Barbara said...

Those are without doubt the coolest socks in the universe! Can't wait to see them in person tomorrow. And the most cheerful sock blockers ever. Very resourceful, Ann.

Katie said...

so pretty! I can't wait to see them when you get back!