Monday, December 17, 2007

Wrap Pictures

I am completely obsessed. I made another Calorimetry, this time as a gift. I don't have a picture of the finished product, but I had to stop a few rows in and document the way the colors were working out.

I take my Calorimetry medium-rare, thanks.

Even though I used Soy Wool Stripes again (a different colorway than before) it didn't come out symmetrical! I don't know if I just had the magic skein the first time around or what. I did like the asymmetry of this one, though. I embrace the chaos. The recipient now shares my obsession with these things (thank goodness!), and wants me to make her some more. Hmm, let me think about that... Okay!

Some friends brought me a late-night snack yesterday, and I prevailed upon them to take pictures of me in Grandma's Gift Wrap.

And the stripes still aren't straight. Whatever. They're straight in real life.

This is my response to seeing the first picture that was taken (not appearing here). It seems that after a long day at work my hair is bad, my face is red, and I look kind of drunk. This picture is much more flattering.

In two days I'll be driving home for the holidays. No jobs, hardly any responsibility... so I'm looking at 10 days of solid knitting. I may have to rent a trailer to haul yarn...

In case I don't do much blogging/reading while I'm home, I hope everyone has a lovely second half of December.

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Katie said...

since I shall not see you before then (unless I venture to Jane's tomorrow night) have a safe and fantastic trip!!