Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I think I might be truly grown up: this year, I was so excited to give presents I could barely sit still, and receiving took a back seat.

Grandma loves her wrap. She's already plotting how to take it with her to bridge to show off to her girlfriends. (Whew!)

Here we see the Parental Feet, clad in their gifts.

For Dad, Fuzzy Feet. For Mom, Dublin Bay Socks. I seem to be well ensconced in my Blue Period. (Eat your heart out, Picasso!)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Mom and I crocheted some elves.

Meet Elmer and Abercrombie. Abercrombie (on the right) is the older brother; Mom made his body, head, and hat and did the finishing, and I made his limbs and his collar. Abercrombie is also the responsible brother--his hat is always neat-looking, he works hard and plays hard (as a good elf should), and he's a bit befuddled by Elmer. (For Elmer, I crocheted the head, body, and hat, and did the finishing, while Mom did the limbs and collar. Each of us made one whole elf, yet each elf was made my both of us.) Elmer is the quintessential bumbling younger brother. His hat is always askew (I'm not quite sure how the top of it ended up looking like a corkscrew--I swear I followed the pattern!), he's a little clumsy (Uh, his legs aren't really on crooked, it's just your imagination), and he's always got a goofy grin on his face. These elves have personality!

I hope everyone's holiday was a pleasant as mine was!

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fragglesmurf said...

I'm glad grandma likes her wrap and mom and dad like their foot coverings.

Your cat misses you.