Saturday, December 29, 2007


Amazingly, considering how much free time I've had on my hands, I'm behind at this blogging thing! Today I play catch-up.

A week ago, Mom and I went to Loops and Links and played mitten.

Look, I made muppets! The pattern is Quick and Easy Holiday Mittens. I have no idea if this pattern is available online somewhere--Ravelry has 53 pages of mittens, and I gave up on page 6. What can I say? They're mittens. Knit double-stranded with Plymouth Encore Mega and something furry (I lost the ballband) on US 11s over a measly 18 stitches, these mittens are easily completed in a day. I giggle every time I put them on--they're so cute.

I also forgot to mention that I made BrotherDavid try on The Ho while he was home.

No real detail in the photos, unfortunately, but look at that elegant fit! The length is very nearly perfect--three fingers below the kneecap, as is traditional. (It's a little closer to four right now, but I figure they'll relax a little with wearing and end up truly perfect.)

I am so relieved. Now I can start on the second one.

And I just have to relay the wonderful compliment David gave me. He said, "You know, a year ago I watched you make your first little square of knitting, and now I come home and you hand me the most beautiful sock I've ever seen!" (Or something like that. The wording might be slightly off.) *Preens* In just a year, look how far I've come! I'm astonished that I have the ability to make the things that I've made, like a kilt ho and a wrap and a freakin' squid. This knitting stuff is really neat.


Barbara said...

I hope neither of us lose our wonder at the slow magic of knitting. My new hand-knit socks are comfy and warm. Thanks. Nice ho.

Love, Mom

fragglesmurf said...

*points* Look fun fur! See, I'm not the only one with fun fur.

And that is one nice "ho" on one nice leg. I think David has nicer legs than me :(

Anyway, I hope you come home soon...Your cat keeps telling me that she's ready to leave and find you and by that I mean she keeps escaping.

Ann said...

I'll be back in town tomorrow, silly. Don't let my cat run away!

Katie said...

yes. come home. we miss you!

love that the ho fits perfectly!