Saturday, January 5, 2008

Command Performance

"We ran out of internet," they say. "Make more!"

I know I've been lax in the posting department, but give me a break!

Here's some stuff I made.

It's a cupcake! I love useless stuff. I love knitting useless stuff. In fact, I bought a whole book about knitting useless stuff.

Here's what my next useless thing will be.

Piggies! The best part is that you sew snaps on the baby piggies' noses, and the other end on the sow's tummy. They're so damn cute!

Here's something else I made.

It's another calorimetry--who's surprised? I really enjoy the way the variegated yarn worked with this pattern. This is yarn from Mom's stash--thanks, Mom!

I cast on the Second Ho, and as you can see, I haven't gotten very far. I haven't had the time and quiet necessary for knitting the cuff. I'm going to make the time soon, though.

Finally, I'm working on a hat! I'm planning to donate it once it's done. (I have to admit, I'm getting a little bored with this hat.)

I'm still working on my bias scarf, but I don't have any new pictures of it.

I'm not feeling terribly clever or witty at the moment, but here's some new internet! Happy knitting, everyone.


fragglesmurf said...

yays! New!

Barbara said...

Very nice knitting! Soft looking hat. My cupcake misses your cupcake. Yay for useless knitted stuff. I stuffed Abercrombie in a sack and put him downstairs with the ornaments. I kinda miss seeing his prim little face across the room. Check out my latest socking.

Love, Mom

Katie said...

this is really strange, but could I perhaps borrow your piggie pattern when you're done? (friend is obsessed with piglets)

Ann said...

Katie, you can borrow the piggie pattern before I'm done with it. I'm not going to get to it for a little while. I'll try to remember to bring it with me to Jane's tomorrow night, and if you're not there, I'm sure it'll still be in my knitting bag the next time I see you. :)

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Catch-up comment: Everything looks great! i love the elves! Congrats on the Christmas knitting! Maybe see you tonight if I'm not falling asleep by then!