Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little to Report

Sorry for the lack of posting--I haven't been knitting much that's blog-worthy.

This, though not knitting, is blog worthy:

Today I am wearing my shiny new red shoes, and I love them. They make me smile every time I catch sight of my feet. (I'm saved from whore-ishness by the rounded toes. If they were pointy, I wouldn't be able to wear them.)

I've been working on my bias scarf.

It's not as lumpy as it looks. It is a little bit lumpy, though--sometimes "inc 1 at the beginning of the row and dec 1 at the end" is too complicated for me. As this is a silly, beaded, fluffy, bias scarf I make no apologies for the lumpiness. This scarf exists to make me giggle, and uneven edges don't take away from the amusement factor.

In conclusion, today I celebrated Thursday by ordering yarn from Knit Picks. Why did I not send an e-mail asking if people wanted to order things to bump me up over $50 to get free shipping? I didn't ask because I didn't need anyone's help in getting my order over $50, and I didn't want to encourage anyone else to stray down that road. It's just best not to go there if you can help it.


Barbara said...

Ah, yes, I see. Didn't have a problem getting over $50 buying sock yarn and Loops & Links myself. Just made a travelers check disappear. Poof! Like magic.

Ooh, red shoes. Not whorish at all. Pretty.

Katie said...

good thing you didn't ask...I need to not buy anything from Knit Picks.