Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, Right!

I have a blog! Raise your hand if you forgot!

Oh, um, yeah. I didn't forget either. *Lowers hand*

I'll spare you the "but I've been so buuusy..." whining, because who isn't busy? Just because I have two jobs, social obligations, and a need to occasionally scrape the crusted goo off of my dirty dishes and possibly get some sleep doesn't mean I should slack in the blogging department, does it?

Lucky for me I've managed to squeeze in one or two yarny activities to report on. Last weekend during a trip to Louisville I found some men's sweaters in a thrift store to cannibalize for yarn. After consulting with the wonderful knitters at Stitch and Bitch, a plan was hatched. Step One: Unpiece sweater. Step Two: Find yarn end(s). Step Three: Place yarn end in ball winder (Thanks, David!), and use ball winder to unravel sweater (Thanks, Robyn!). Step Four: Use niddy noddy (Thanks, Jane!) to make skeins from balls. Step Five: Wash skeins to make yarn all smooth and happy again. Step six: Re-ball yarn, and play knitting!

I'm currently on Step Three.

That's what I got from the cuffs, neck, and waist of Sweater #1, which were all separate pieces. I have decent hopes for the larger balls on the bottom and right, but the tiny ones on the upper left will likely go into the orts jar (which I plan to make from a wine bottle holder thingy as soon as I remember to buy one, preferably on clearance). I'm discovering issues with this sweater that make me wonder if it'll be worth the effort, but knowing me (and my stubbornness) I'll probably soldier on regardless. The other sweater should be easier; that one's seamless. I'm doing that one second so I can practice on the less awesome sweater.

What else have I been doing? I've made decent progress on Ho the Second.

Look, cuffy goodness!

I finished my bias scarf.

I still haven't given this a clever new name even though it just cries out for one because my brain hasn't been able to manage "clever" lately. I'll keep working on it, though.

I started another Trekking sock like the one I started and abandoned before I did the Pirate Socks.

This time, in a fit of madness, I swatched first. Amazingly, it appears that this attempt will actually fit me. Who knew?

And finally, I cast on a neckwarmer to match my red gloves and calorimetry.

Ooh, rectangular! Now that I'm about 5 inches into it I wish I had given it a moss stitch border. I'm thinking about frogging it at lunchtime and redoing it. I don't want a sub-par neckwarmer!

Happy knitting, everyone!

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Barbara said...

Find the ends? Find the ENDS?!? Are these handmade sweaters or machine made? I love the reclaiming recycling idea of it but it sounds like too much work for a few balls of yarn.

Lovely cuffs, ho and Trekking, and we love red no matter what color it is. Hmm, a name for your scarf. I'll have to cogitate on it.