Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Second Entry

Go one entry back for a Jayne Hat picture and Fun with Science.

In my excitement to show everyone my experiment, I almost forgot that I actually knit with some of those ebony needles! That's right: knitting needles are not just for throwing into water.

Ho the Second is on 3s right now, so I wasn't able to use them on that project, but then I remembered this project. These are Slippery Socks from the latest Knitty, and they're on size 2s. So I pulled out the ebony size 2s and knit a few rounds.

Overall, I really like these needles. They're smooth, slightly flexible (but not so flexible that I'm afraid they'll snap), and so dense that you never get that weird slightly grindy feeling when sliding the tips past each other that you sometimes get with bamboo. (I hate that feeling.) These are really nice, and I would recommend them to anyone. My one gripe is that the points are relatively blunt, and the first few stitches were a bit of a hassle until I got the hang of the duller tips.

Best of all, they got me interested in these socks again. The socks (okay, this one sock) had been languishing since Christmas, partly because I've been busy with other projects, and partly because they're kind of fiddly and take more concentration than other things do. I might only do two chart repeats instead of three, though, because otherwise I'm afraid I'll never finish them. I'm thinking about taking them to SnB movie night tonight--I think I'll be able to knit this sock and watch a movie at the same time, but I'm positive I wouldn't be able to knit and carry on a conversation at the same time.

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