Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Sickness

Obviously, in view of the fact that I'm now taking antibiotics for my ear infection, sinus infection, and conjunctivitis, and am starting to get over those ailments, I've been bitten by another, more serious bug.


I've got it bad.

I think it's probably because of all my new yarn. I have pretty new toys--I want to play with them! Most tantalizing of all, I bought my first laceweight. A totally new challenge. So I got to thinking about lace, and I asked a few people about good lace projects. Someone mentioned that Ice Queen is pretty popular. So I went and took a look at it, and it's lovely; I started plotting, and reading the pattern, fantasizing about my gorgeous, soon-to-be-realized new Ice Queen... and then I noticed the pictures of the bottom edge. I am very much not in love with the big scallops. The smaller ones at the top are perfectly acceptable, but not the huge ones. Not for me. I thought for a second about modifying the pattern, but then I decided that for my first real lace project, I should try to find a pattern I won't mess with--and therefore likely mess up horribly.

But at this point I've been picturing myself all elegant and '50s movie star-esque in a wimple/cowl thing, right? So I go to Ravelry and search for patterns. I think I've decided on one: Wavy Feathers Wimple. (Although I hate the term "wimple." Makes me feel like I'm considering joining a cloistered order, or something.) The picture on that page doesn't show the lace well at all; if you're on Ravelry, there are some good pictures there. The pattern includes directions for either laceweight or fingering weight, so I could use my pretty new laceweight... or I could go completely crazy and use some of the Knit Picks Gloss (merino/silk) that I picked up at the same time, therefore saving all the laceweight goodness for a large-scale project like a stole. In fact, I think I will use some of the Gloss. Now I just have to decide which color! (It'll probably come down to "Which color do I least want to make socks out of?")

I'm dying to start this thing--I briefly considered running home at lunch to pick up needles and yarn, so I could at least cast on before I leave work at 5! Never mind that I have all evening free to cast on and knit to my heart's content--I seriously considered giving up my eating time in favor of project-starting.

Oh, and I also want to cast on the piggies tonight. It is the pattern for today, after all.

Startitis: It's no joke. Protect yourselves and your families.


Aaron said...

I guess that means you're not working tonight. Does that mean we're going to see you and your knitting this evening?

And hey, at least startitis is better than waking up at 7am with a cough so bad that you think you're going to vomit.

Ann said...

I am not working tonight. Would you like to see me and my knitting this evening? I'd want to go home and get my knitting first, obviously. If not, I'd be perfectly happy ensconced on my sofa with my knitting. Your choice--especially since your cough is so bad! I've been coughing a little, but in this, you win. Poor boy!

Barbara said...

I want it to be tomorrow so I can email the Feb. KAL rows to the office and cast on another dishcloth. I want to be closer to my stash and needles so I can cast on the Filatura di Crosa socks. I learned last night that I don't love the gusset. It's an annoying bore. :-p

Barbara said...

Oh, and Dad made goat stew today. It smells heavenly. He found a recipe online and copied it out. I'll report on the taste later.

Ann said...

Yeah, the gusset isn't my favorite, either. I'm sorry to hear that you've got the bug, too--maybe distance will help keep your case mild!

And it's very mean to tell me about your goat stew. Isn't it bad enough that every time I see the brand name "Bionaire" at 2nd work I read it wrong and am just reminded again that you're on vacation and I'm not? *Makes pitiful face*

I guess I love you anyway, though.

fragglesmurf said...

Hey before everyone goes off making knitting plans, there is good--well,maybe just mediocre--tv on tonight! LOST! The 2 hour season premiere. And I haven't finished my jayne hat. And I bought new needles for a cupcake that I can't start until I finish my hat. I refuse to start anything else before I finish what I'm working on. Otherwise, I'd have 10 things casted on (probably all scarfs) and I wouldn't be working on anything!