Friday, February 1, 2008


I feel better now.

I didn't start the piggies yesterday, after all--I was too busy with my new, glamorous accessory. (In the end, I went with the Gloss, in "Woodland Sage.")

First my time was occupied by winding the yarn into a ball.

In my next life, I'm getting a swift before I get a ball winder, instead of the other way around. Or at least I'll be sure to learn the lesson that patience pays off. Maybe that way I won't end up with a huge tangle of beautiful yarn that I eventually cut in order to allow me to start knitting with what I have managed to ball, depending upon the kindness of strangers to untangle the remaining mess for me. Okay, not "strangers"--my friend Aaron. He's pretty strange, though. (Thanks, Aaron!)

This yarn is fabulous to work with, and I'm using my new ebony dpns. I'm so ridiculously satisfied by knitting this! I was sitting there last night, knitting along, all serene and pleased... and suddenly I noticed that I had finished the first round of lace, but my stitch marker was one needle ahead of where I was. Rats. But I refused to let that small setback damage my serenity--I just moved my stitch marker, and continued on. Peaceful. And suddenly, I had one too few stitches. Crap! Oh, well--I just knit that last one, instead of ssk-ing. On the next round, I had one too many stitches. Dammit! The solution? SSSK. Ta-da!

If anyone says a word about my promise to myself to go back and fix errors instead of knitting over them, I'll smack that person.

I figured out what I did to mess up, and I vow not to let it happen again. My feeling is that if someone is looking closely enough at my head covering to spot a small error in two rows of the bottom half of the first lace motif, that person is way too interested in my neck and should either get a life, or a wooden stake through the heart. So there.

Because the rest of this thing is going to be beautiful, error-free, and serene, dammit.


Aaron said...

I am VERY strange. I have been wearing the Jayne hat Samara knit for me all day, just hoping people would comment on it.

Also, your post used the word "serenity."


Barbara said...

Pretty knitting. I can't see a mistake. Reading your posts makes me want to order yarn so it'll be waiting on the porch when we get home next Friday. I would have had the Dad/swift hold the hank of yarn so I could ball it. Convince me not to order Gloss, pleeeze. Tell me I have lots of swell yarn just waiting when I get home and I can cast on to my heart's content. I have lots of silk to make another, better purse and the Filatura di Crosa for more socks *cough* once I finish the Wool-Ease ones, of course.

Aaron, I would have admired your Jayne hat.

I want to be serene too. How?

Ann said...

Mom, if I'd been thinking I would have used a dining room chair to hold my yarn. We single girls must make do!

Don't order Gloss. You have lots of swell yarn just waiting when you get home and can cast on to your heart's content. You have lots of silk to make another, better purse and the Filatura di Crosa for more socks. Also, none of that yarn costs you money right now, because you've already paid for it.

I'm not sure how to be serene. I think it comes from finally casting on a project you've been obsessing about all day--because I've kind of lost the serenity.

Oh, well.

Abby&David said...

Ann, you shouldn't have corrected me on your Christmas gift. I would have gotten you a swift thinking that was what you wanted.

By the way, is there some story behind the Jayne hat, or is it just the name of the pattern?

Ann said...

Nah, I still wanted the ball winder first. I was just too impatient to be smart this time, and I thought I'd document it to remind me to practice patience.
The Jayne hat was inspired by an episode of the short-lived TV show "Firefly." In a nutshell, the badass mercenary-type character receives a hat very similar to this one from his mom, and loves it, thus broadening his character in an endearing way. His name is Jayne Cobb, hence "Jayne Hat." I highly recommend Firefly--you can get the whole series (one season) at Target for about $25.